Photo by Tara Gimmer
What is to give light must endure burning.
--Viktor Frankl

Using a holistic model of coaching, Kristie helps clients awaken to their narrative story, realign themselves with their core values and deepen emotional and cultural intelligence. She brings a variety of tools to create restorative environments and conscious conversations around vision, intention and impact, communication and behavior styles and optimal effectiveness. Kristie has served in education, technology, law, financial services and non-profit sectors. Her journeys with clients allow them to craft new ways of shaping their leadership, relationships and lives.

Comfortable in a corporate boardroom or with obstetric fistula patients in a mud hut, Kristie builds bridges between real daily challenges and the transformational power of authentic connection, visionary leadership and conscious legacy. She thrives on working with women and hosting circles around the globe.

Kristie graduated from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. She has worked with clients in more than a dozen countries. Organizational clients include
Microsoft, ARAMARK Corporation, Genencor, DART, The National Guard, Women’s Enterprises International, WRH Realty and First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach.


  • 1/2 day intake and goal-setting session
  • 10 regular coaching sessions
  • 1 assessment tool and debrief (EQ, 360, CVI, personal branding, CQ, or similar)
  • 1/2 day synthesis and forward launch
  • Pre and post photoshoot, or mid-point special outing 

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"Making unshakable personal connections through story and active presence is something that Kristie has mastered. At the same time, her business acumen both as a dynamo in organizational settings, and as a socialpreneur is as authentic as it comes. She's been in the trenches. Kristie's perceptive abilities help her to accompany her clients through self-discovery and infuse their natural tendencies for intensity in specific areas for the betterment of the world.

Kristie's coaching is a very real and relatable experience from the outset. Be prepared to be humbled by a deeper sense of worth through stories of the human experience. In the sheer nature of conversation, you will likely start comparing your story with raw global issues that Kristie encounters in her non-profit work: great medicine."

-Emily McDonald, Financial Advisor, Washington Asset Management

“During my current career at Microsoft, I had the opportunity and privilege to meet with many great trainers, lecturers and coaches. When I joined MS ExPo program, I was very much looking forward to new experiences from upcoming coaching relationships.

What I really like and respect about Kristie, besides her high level of professionalism and extensive experience/knowledge, is her pristine human approach and great ability to put things in the right perspective. She managed to build very high level of trust immediately which of course is the main necessity for any successful coaching relationship.

Through our conversations, I learned a lot from Kristie, but most of all, she helped me a lot to learn from myself and about myself.”

-Milan Dragic, Slovenia